4 Scientific Facts That Prove Your Body Is a Battery

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By Katarina Mirkovic Arsic

Read that title one more time just in case you missed it.

It doesn’t say “your body is LIKE a battery,” it says “your body IS a battery.”

That’s quite an idea, isn’t it?

But the science emerging about how your body works show it’s more than an idea. Not just a metaphor but how things actually are.

Let’s look at how this could be and what it means.

Our Bodies Use Redox Reactions to Generate Energy

Your usual battery works by converting the chemical energy into electrical energy. Chemical reactions within the battery cause the electrons to flow from one electrode to another through the external circuit. That flow creates electricity.

The chemical reactions that occur are called redox reactions because they involve processes of oxidation and reduction. Something very similar happens in your own body.

You are creating an electron flow, just like a battery. On a cellular level, aerobic cellular respiration happens: Oxygen is added to the cell and it combines with glucose (oxidation). This process creates energy that is stored as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). 


When this process happens, CO2 and H2O are expelled from the cell. This means that the glucose has undergone the oxidation process and the oxygen is reduced. In other words, it is a redox reaction, just like with a battery.

The Water in Our Bodies Is Charged

Your body is in most part, water. More precisely, two-thirds of your body is water and almost 99% of your body molecules are water molecules. Therefore, how the water behaves pretty much dictates the state of your entire body.

It turns out the water in our bodies is not like water in your tap – it is in a charged state.

According to Dr. Gerald Pollack, the water in your body goes through a light-induced separation of charge when in contact with a hydrophilic (literally, ‘water loving’) material. The negatively charged molecules align next to the hydrophilic material, while the positively charged molecules are pushed away.

Watch his TedTalk for more information about this fascinating insight.

Our Bodies Are Solar-Powered and Recharged

The body is a battery, but not like a Duracell AA kind. It is more dynamic, a solar-powered battery. Your body battery is actually powered by light.

The charged so-called EZ water in your cells reacts when it comes into contact with infrared light. This leads to the surprising scientific conclusion that your body can be charged with the energy coming from light.

The Sun is, of course, the primary source of energy for your body battery, as it is for plants and animals. Perhaps it is easy to take for granted – after all, the sun is just there, every day, even when it hides behind clouds – but without exposure to sunlight, we would simply not exist as we know it.

Today, you can also use a personal red light therapy device with many of the same benefits, focusing on the most powerful wavelengths of the sun to charge your body.

Your Body Battery Will Soon Be Used as a Power Source

The entire world is hungry for energy, so knowing that our bodies are batteries, it is only logical that scientists will start working on harnessing this powerful energy.

This is not some sort of harvesting idea that comes from the Matrix or a Black Mirror episode. After all, would it not be much more feasible to create a way to generate energy when we’re moving?

On the contrary, the energy that the scientists want to harvest is the thermal energy of our bodies. Moreover, the main reason why they want to harness it is so that it can power items such as pace-makers and similar implanted devices that maintain people’s health.

How to Keep Your Body Battery Working at an Optimum Level

When a battery lacks capacity, it’s not working very well. The same goes for your body. Unless you charge your battery well and maintain its capacity, it will be low in energy and that will cause poor ‘performance’. Those are the perfect conditions in which diseases happen.

So, how do you charge your body with the necessary energy?

Here are 4 ways to do just that:

  • Grounding – Walk barefoot for at least 10 minutes a day. You can do it on grass, sand, and concrete, but wood won’t be as effective. You can use grounding mats, as well.
  • Cold – Take cold showers, or do cold water face-dunking. Enjoy outdoor cold water swimming. Another option is to use an ice vest while working.
  • Heat – The best option is the heat from the sun, but artificial sources of heat are also effective. 

So, our bodies use redox reactions to create and store energy, just like a battery. The water in our bodies is charged, again, just like a battery is. Our bodies are charged and recharged and the energy we store can potentially be used to power up medical devices.

Illness is what happens when your battery runs low. If your battery is charged  – you can build up your immune system and become stronger and more resilient.

Read more about how you can help your body recharge with red light therapy.

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